Summer Special Pricing Announced

Because July has shaped up to be such a big month with so many great shows, we wanted to make sure that no one had to miss a single one. We know that things add up quick over the summer with vacations and all of that self-lighting charcoal for the barbecue and all. So we decided to offer a very limited number of special July Bundle (sorry, we couldn’t think of a better name) packages so you can make it to all of the great shows this summer.

What you get: One ticket to each of the following shows at The Abbey Bar at Appalachian Brewing Company: Tea Leaf Green on July 10, Cornmeal on July 15, The Budos Band on July 22 and The Low Anthem on July 25. Tickets on their own are $12, $10, $10 and $10 respectably. Plus the fees for each ticket of about $2.25 apiece- the grand total if you were to buy online for each of those shows comes to just about $51.00. But buy the bundle, and you get a ticket to each show for an all-in price of $27.50 INCLUDING fees!!! (The fine print: this price is for “will call tickets” only. If you choose to have your tickets mailed to you, standard fees will apply)